Madagascar is one of the truly amazing places on earth with mammals, plants and birds you can’t see anywhere else but as a holiday destination it has to compete with all the other tourist places in the world so here’s why to come to Madagascar instead of picking somewhere else:

  • During the summer holiday season in Europe and the USA, many of the main tourist destinations are too hot. However, when it’s summer in the Northern hemisphere it is the pleasantly moderate winter season in Madagascar so you can enjoy nicer temperatures compared to most of Asia, North Africa, equatorial locations and the Middle East.
  • Similarly, Madagascar has good weather when it is the monsoon and hurricane seasons elsewhere in the world.
  • Very few places in the world can compete on the quantity and variety of flora and fauna to be found here in Madagascar: 80% eg of the country’s bird species are found nowhere else in the world. 70% of animals and 90% of plants found in Madagascar are endemic too.
  • People looking for adventure and going to interesting places will find Australia and New Zealand boringly similar to their European home countries.
  • People find Madagascar not as scary as going to the the mainland African countries which they would find too “exciting”.
  • One of the many extraordinary facts about Madagascar is that it bears virtually no dangerous animals except for the Nile crocodile and you won’t find a single snake deadly to humans unlike many other interesting countries.
  • You can experience miles of empty beaches and barrier reefs without the crowds.