Madagascar’s 50 species of lemurs are found nowhere else on earth so if you want to see them in their natural environment then there’s only one place to go. Madagascar’s has the highest proportion of endemic birds of any country in the world so if you’re a birdwatcher then you’ll be in paradise to see the unique mesites, ground-rollers, vangas and other species. While there are over 300 species of reptile here, including the most of the world’s chameleons you won’t find a single snake deadly to humans. Or how about seeing the 100,000 types of insect too. Botanists dream of coming to Madagascar for the 6000+ species of plant including orchids, baobabs and primary rain forests.

Madagascar’s was first settled by people from Southeast Asia then Africa and the Arabian Peninsula around 1500 to 2000 years ago and is a  mixture of Malayo-Indonesian and African-Arab ancestry with a mixed and unique culture formed by the mixing of them.