Time of year to go summary: Key: Best Ok Worst


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While we have run tours throughout the year to match people’s own schedule, there are better times of year to go to Madagascar than other times. High season counts as July to October (with July and Augusts being the most popular alongside Christmas and New Year), mid season is April-May and November-December and low season is January to March.

“When to go to Madagascar” depends on what you want to see most and where you want to go as regions vary greatly- the desert areas hardly see any rain (as you’d expect), the mountains are cooler in summer  and some of the best bird watching is at the very start of the rainy season (ie December) when the flowers and plants blossom encouraging birds to migrate there. Humpback whales arrive to give birth and nurture their calves between August and September.

Low season is also the cyclone season when some activities are not accessible but prices are cheaper then and we will help you make the most of your holiday if that’s the only time you have available.


Contact us to ask when the best time to go to Madagascar is for your interests.