All of the hotels we place you in are good standard mid-range hotels that we have used many times before. To see the details of the normal hotels we use please use to the links on the detailed itinerary pages.

Because our focus is to take you to the most interesting in Madagascar then we can only use the hotels near to them and we use the best we can find at an affordable price. There is no official star rating in Madagascar but we estimate the hotels to be between two to four stars.

Many of the places we stay are private thatched roof bungalows designed to fit naturally into the surrounding environment.

All the hotels have showers and hot water, electricity, restaurant, security and friendly staff.

Some of the hotels have free swimming pools, wi-fi and bars.

Many extra activities can be organised through the hotels such as massages, beach sports or meals for special occasions (birthdays, honeymoons, wedding anniversaries). Your guide will be happy to assist in your negotiations with the hotel.

If you want to upgrade to a top range hotel for all of the tour or just for a special occasion then we are happy to look into this and book it where available for an extra charge.

As expected in a poor country like Madagascar the standard of the hotels may not be the same as ones in developed countries. Please be reassured that we books hotels that are commonly used by other tour operators and you will not be in the cheapest hotels or the ones that do not provide good quality food and accommodation.