We can’t guarantee that you’ll see all 280 species without a few months spare but here’s some of the many birds that you are likely to see on the three recommended tours, and it is common to see between 30-60 different species of them. And a third of them are endemic so it’s a fantastic place to see birds you’ve never seen before. With the local forest guides showing you around they can take you straight to their nesting locations and help you spot them in the undergrowth using their local knowledge. Dedicated bird watchers can request that more time is spent with the birds with bird focused holidays using specialist local bird experts and guides.

Birds you’re likely to see on our recommended tours:

  • Long Tailed Ground-Roller
  • Running Coua
  • Chabert’s Vanga
  • Lafresnaye Vanga
  • Magpie Robin
  • Souimanga Sunbird
  • Sakalava Weaver
  • Greater Vasa Parrot
  • Crested Coua
  • Subdesert Mesite
  • Malagasy Coucal
  • White Browed Owls
  • Madagascar Partridge
  • Madagascar White Eye
  • Benson’S Rockthrush
  • Madagascar Kestrel
  • Madagascar Flycatcher
  • Madagascar Wagtail
  • Crested Drongo
  • Madagascar Bulbul
  • Madagascar Bee Eater
  • Madagascar Hoopoe
  • Turtle Dove
  • Common Jery
  • Common Newtonia
  • Madagascar Red Fody
  • Grey Headed Lovebirds
  • Ashy Cuckoo Shrike
  • Tylas Vanga
  • Nutach Vanga
  • Madagascar Buzzard
  • Madagascar Cuckoo Roller
  • Madagascar Woodrail
  • Rands Warbler
  • Longbilled Greenbull
  • Red Tailed Vanga
  • Nelicourvi Weaver
  • Madagascar Brush Warbler
  • Redbreasted Coua
  • Helmeted Guinea Fowl
  • Mellor’s Duck
  • White Faced Whistling Duck
  • Red Billed Teal
  • Swamp Hen
  • Madagascar Kingfisher
  • Forest Rock Thrush


The full list of endemic birds in Madagascar is as follows:


Scientific name Common name
Accipiter francesii Frances’s goshawk
Accipiter henstii Henst’s goshawk
Accipiter madagascariensis Madagascan sparrowhawk
Acrocephalus newtoni Madagascan swamp warbler
Actophilornis albinucha Madagascan jacana
Agapornis canus Grey-headed lovebird
Alectroenas madagascariensis Madagascan blue pigeon
Amaurornis olivieri Sakalava rail
Anas bernieri Bernier’s teal
Anas melleri Meller’s duck
Artamella viridis White-headed vanga
Asio madagascariensis Madagascan owl
Atelornis crossleyi Rufous-headed ground roller
Atelornis pittoides Pitta-like ground roller
Aviceda madagascariensis Madagascar cuckoo-hawk
Aythya innotata Madagascan pochard
Bernieria madagascariensis Long-billed bernieria
Brachypteracias leptosomus Short-legged ground roller
Brachypteracias squamigera Scaly ground roller
Buteo brachypterus Madagascan buzzard
Calicalicus madagascariensis Red-tailed vanga
Calicalicus rufocarpalis Red-shouldered vanga
Canirallus kioloides Madagascar wood-rail
Caprimulgus enarratus Collared nightjar
Charadrius thoracicus Madagascan plover
Circus macrosceles Madagascar marsh harrier
Copsychus albospecularis Madagascar magpie robin
Coracopsis vasa Greater vasa parrot
Coua caerulea Blue coua
Coua coquereli Coquerel’s coua
Coua cristata Crested coua
Coua cursor Running coua
Coua gigas Giant coua
Coua reynaudii Red-fronted coua
Coua ruficeps Red-capped coua
Coua serriana Red-breasted coua
Coua verreauxi Verreaux’s coua
Crossleyia xanthophrys Yellow-browed oxylabes
Cryptosylvicola randriansoloi Cryptic warbler
Cyanolanius madagascarinus Blue vanga
Dromaeocercus brunneus Brown emu-tail
Dromaeocercus seebohmi Grey emu-tail
Euryceros prevostii Helmet vanga
Eutriorchis astur Madagascan serpent eagle
Falco zoniventris Banded kestrel
Falculea palliata Sickle-billed vanga
Foudia madagascariensis Madagascar red fody
Foudia omissa Forest fody
Gallinago macrodactyla Madagascan snipe
Haliaeetus vociferoides Madagascan fish eagle
Hartertula flavoviridis Wedge-tailed jery
Hypositta corallirostris Nuthatch vanga
Ispidina madagascariensis Madagascar pygmy-kingfisher
Leptopterus chabert Chabert vanga
Lonchura nana Madagascar munia
Lophotibis cristata Madagascar crested ibis
Margaroperdix madagascarensis Madagascan partridge
Mentocrex beankaensis Tsingy wood rail
Mesitornis unicolor Brown mesite
Mesitornis variegata White-breasted mesite
Mirafra hova Madagascan lark
Monias benschi Subdesert mesite
Monticola bensoni Benson’s rock thrush
Monticola imerinus Littoral rock thrush
Motacilla flaviventris Madagascan wagtail
Mystacornis crossleyi Crossley’s vanga
Neodrepanis coruscans Common sunbird-asity
Neodrepanis hypoxanthus Yellow-bellied sunbird-asity
Neomixis striatigula Stripe-throated jery
Neomixis tenella Common jery
Neomixis viridis Green jery
Nesillas typica (E) Madagascar brush warbler
Newtonia amphichroa Dark newtonia
Newtonia archboldi Archbold’s newtonia
Newtonia brunneicauda Common newtonia
Newtonia fanovanae Red-tailed newtonia
Oriolia bernieri Bernier’s vanga
Otus madagascariensis Torotoroka scops-owl
Otus rutilus Malagasy scops-owl
Oxylabes madagascariensis White-throated oxylabes
Philepitta castanea Velvet asity
Philepitta schlegeli Schlegel’s asity
Ploceus nelicourvi Nelicourvi weaver
Ploceus sakalava Sakalava weaver
Polyboroides radiatus Madagascan harrier-hawk
Pseudobias wardi Ward’s flycatcher
Pterocles personatus Madagascan sandgrouse
Rallus madagascariensis Madagascan rail
Randia pseudozosterops Rand’s warbler
Saroglossa aurata Madagascan starling
Sarothrura insularis Madagascan flufftail
Sarothrura watersi Slender-billed flufftail
Schetba rufa Rufous vanga
Tachybaptus pelzelnii Madagascan grebe
Tachybaptus rufolavatus Alaotra grebe
Thamnornis chloropetoides Thamnornis
Turnix nigricollis Madagascan buttonquail
Tylas eduardi Tylas vanga
Tyto soumagnei Red owl
Uratelornis chimaera Long-tailed ground roller
Vanga curvirostris Hook-billed vanga
Xanthomixis apperti Appert’s tetraka
Xanthomixis cinereiceps Gray-crowned tetraka
Xanthomixis tenebrosus Dusky tetraka
Xanthomixis zosterops Spectacled tetraka
Xenopirostris damii Van Dam’s vanga
Xenopirostris polleni Pollen’s vanga
Xenopirostris xenopirostris Lafresnaye’s vanga

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